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Telethon Kids Institute

The Telethon Kids Institute has a strong background and track record in research, evaluation and implementation around improving outcomes in the early years of a child's development.

It was a key partner in the Early Development Index being adapted and piloted in Australia, and then was a key partner in its subsequent national roll out as the Australian Early Development Census.

Through its WA Child Health Survey and the seminal WA Aboriginal Child Health Survey, Telethon Kids has provided the evidence and recommendations for many child health initiatives. It also has a proud history of advocacy, having lobbied for services through education and health services, resulting in the various models of family, child and parent centres and visiting midwife schemes.

Telethon Kids has always worked closely with community and service providers in both framing the research approach and the translation of research findings into policy and practice. This approach is entrenched in the Institute's strategic plan: Up for the Challenge 2019-2023 and described in a number of programs in its IMPACT report.

The Minderoo Foundation

The Minderoo Foundation was founded by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001 with a vision to give a hand up, not a hand out. The Foundation has committed over $245 million to philanthropic causes and supported more than 250 organisations in Australia and abroad.

We take a preventative approach through our philanthropy, which goes to the heart of Minderoo’s efforts under the Thrive by Five initiative. Minderoo believes that by taking a long term and evidence-based approach to early childhood development as a nation, all children in Australia will thrive by the age of five. By starting school with the readiness to learn, a child is more likely to meet future health, education and emotional milestones.

In order to achieve this and building on a shared goal, Minderoo’s founding investment in CoLab represents our belief that sound evidence, developed and translated in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, is critical to achieving strong policy and practice. CoLab will translate what we already know for practical application and answer new questions to help build the case for a stronger early childhood system across Australia.

In addition to CoLab, our efforts include support for innovative models of service delivery, research partnerships and engagement with all levels of government on new policy initiatives. We believe integrated thinking across disciplines at a community and policy level is the most effective way to provide positive experiences in the early years and build happy, healthy and thriving children.

We invite you to join us in this important collaboration to enhance the lives of children across Australia.