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Emeritus Prof Bill Louden AM (Chair)
Emeritus Professor of Education,
University of Western Australia

Prof Jonathan Carapetis
Director, Telethon Kids Institute

Prof Donna Cross
Director, CoLab
Head, Health Promotion and Education Research, Telethon Kids Institute

Mrs Nicola Forrest
Chief Executive Officer, Minderoo Foundation

Glenda Kickett
Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and Engagement, Australian Childhood Foundation

June McLoughlin
Director Early Years and Community Engagement Colman Foundation, and Director of Family and Children’s Services at Doveton College

Glenn Pearson
Research Focus Area Head, Aboriginal Health, Telethon Kids Institute

Prof Sven Silburn
National leader in clinical, epidemiological and evaluative research in child development and education, youth mental health and suicide prevention

Jackie Wilson
Deputy Secretary, Early Childhood and Child Care, Australian Department of Education and Training

Liz Hefren-Webb
Deputy Secretary, Families and Communities, Australian Department of Social Services