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Our friends at Vroom have lots of simple activities for how on building your child’s brain. 

These activities will spark a brain building interaction between you and your child that is joyful, engaging, and full of learning! Each activity is paired with an explanation that highlights the science behind the interaction to help you understand why the exchange matters.

Activities will help you to engage in interactions that are the Brain Building Basics:

About Vroom

Vroom is based on the belief that all parent have what it takes to be a brain-builder. We know that all parents want to be good parents, no matter their background or socio-economic status. Vroom highlights what parents are doing right and encourages more of it.

  • Age Range 0 - 2
  • Age Range 0.5 - 5
  • Age Range 1 - 3
  • Age Range 2 - 5
  • Age Range 3 - 5
  • Age Range 4 - 5