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About the project

Physical activity is critical during the early years of life for a child’s health and development, and yet only one in three Australian children aged two to five get the recommended level of three hours of activity per day.

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) services can be used to increase physical activity, and there is a significant need for an ECEC-specific physical activity policy. This policy will provide clearer guidelines on the amount of physical activity children should do during care, and strategies for implementing these guidelines.

Together with our collaborators, we are working to develop, implement and evaluate an evidence-based policy for improving physical activity and movement in children attending care. As a multi-level co-developed strategy, it will target ECEC policy, practice, and parents to increase physical activity of children attending ECEC services.

This project will provide our multi-sectorial partners with evidence-informed policy and implementation strategies for creating environments to give Australian children a physically active and healthy start to life.

Our main goals in the creation of this policy include:

  • National uptake and monitoring of an 'Early Movement' policy including 'Movement Guidelines' specific for early childhood education and care settings developed by this study.
  • Training and development of early childhood education and care staff in the use and implementation of the 'Early Movement' policy.
  • Improved parent engagement with early childhood education and care staff around encouraging and enabling children to be more physically active.