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Telethon Kids and the Minderoo Foundation are proud to partner on CoLab - Collaborate for Kids.

A child's early years - from conception to the start of school - set the foundation for his or her future wellbeing and success. We need to combine efforts and share knowledge to ensure every Australian child gets the best possible start in life.

CoLab is committed to disseminating research about what works best to support young children’s development and learning. To deliver our Mission we will:

  • Identify gaps in the current knowledge of early childhood within Australia and conduct new research to address these.
  • Synthesise and interpret existing evidence in varying contexts.
  • Translate evidence into policy and practice for families, service providers and policy makers.
  • Support the integration of early childhood services to respond to the needs of children, families and communities experiencing vulnerability.

In 2016 CoLab consulted extensively with stakeholders and undertook research to develop a strategic plan to guide its work for the next five years. Our Strategic Framework was launched in February 2017, sets out why we need to act, our plan to build a better future for young children and families and our priority areas.