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CoLab is a hub to bring together internal expertise and external stakeholders to coordinate and prioritise activity, translate knowledge into practice and build relationships within the sector.

It will build a core capacity within the Institute to work with community, service providers and funders on a research, implementation and evaluation collaboration. By building the Institute's capacity, CoLab will allow experts to be more responsive to community and government needs.

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Telethon KidsMinderoo


Early Childhood Development and Learning Collaboration

Telethon Kids and Minderoo are proud to partner on CoLab – Collaborate for Kids.

CoLab will bring together families, clinicians, educators, policy makers and other practitioners and researchers to work together to ensure young children in Australia develop, learn and thrive.

In 2016, CoLab consulted extensively with stakeholders and undertook research to develop a strategic plan to guide its work for the next five years.

Our Strategic Framework was launched in February 2017 and sets out why we need to act, our plan to build a better future for young children and families and our priority areas.

For further information on CoLab please contact our team.

CoLab will be launching an interactive website in 2017 – we look forward to sharing this with you.

"Minderoo has always encouraged collaboration throughout the community, especially when supporting vulnerable children and families. There is much evidence that a child's life outcomes will be determined by the first few years of their life. This Collaboration is a representation of these realities and an opportunity to bring together research, service providers, communities and policy makers to work towards a common goal - ensuring early childhood is the foundation for lifelong success."

Nicola Forrest

"This is about how we can get the best evidence to the people who use it to care for and develop our children as well as learning from those same people what works best for them in real practice. Internally it brings together a diverse range of  very talented researcher groups to engage with stakeholders in a way that respects and gives value to the knowledge of all involved."

Jonathan Carapetis

The 10 key numbers that drive what counts for CoLab were outlined at a recent early childhood evidence snapshot and networking event. Approximately 80 early childhood stakeholders attended the seminar at Telethon Kids which also served as the launch of CoLab’s Strategic Framework.

CoLab Director Professor Donna Cross discussed the most current and compelling evidence and policy and practice recommendations for investment in early childhood development. David Ansell, CoLab Principal, Strategic Partnerships, gave an overview of the early childhood landscape and the rationale for the Strategic Framework. A copy of the presentation is available here.